About Us

Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based auditing, reporting and management platform for Microsoft user to secure their Office 365 application suite

Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based auditing, reporting and management platform for organizations that want an easy and affordable way to optimize and secure their Microsoft Office 365 application suite and other popular cloud-based mail and storage systems. With the tools needed to document and analyze activities, enforce process, and oversee risk across cloud-based collaboration and content sharing technologies, the offering enables organizations to embrace Office 365 and file sharing services while retaining control and staying compliant with industry regulations. Knowledge Vault also reduces costs by optimizing service usage and license management.


Christian Ehrenthal

Co-Founder & CEO

Christian Ehrenthal

Christian Ehrenthal is CEO & co-founder of Knowledge Vault. He is responsible for setting corporate strategy, driving revenue and helping to grow the companies relationships with key customers and partners. Ehrenthal was formerly the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Blackbird Group, an award-winning provider of compliance management software.

Under his leadership, Blackbird Group became one of the fastest growing vendors in its category, achieving consistent high growth and profitability, amassing over 20 million seats under his management and securing many Fortune 500 companies among its customers. At the end of 2012, he led the company through a successful acquisition by BeyondTrust.

Ehrenthal holds an MBA from the Lorange Institute of Business in Zurich, Switzerland.