Knowledge Vault Automation Designer

Knowledge Vault enables organizations to embrace cloud services while still retaining control by simplifying auditing process to allow organizations to easily determine who is making what specific changes within their Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Office 365 connector and begin your auditing experience today!

Drag & Drop Automation Canvas

Task and policy automation used to require complex technical skills, such as programming and scripting in PowerShell. Now, with the Knowledge Vault Policy Designer, everything can be done visually, from script creating, interactive debugging to delegation and auditing.

Extensive Object Library

Select from a robust list of built-in automation objects to automate policies that meet your specific needs. Once dragged into the automation canvas, automation objects can be customized and linked graphically in the designer.

Share with others

Join the Knowledge Vault community and share your ideas, tasks and complex policies with others. With Knowledge Vault, you can export/import you Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 administrative and automation policies and upload them to our community portal to distribute with your peers.

No More PowerShell

Everything is visual, including flow controls and linking objects, enabling you to implement complex tasks and logic without having to write a single line of code. The resulting policies are presented in plain English and formatted to make it easy to read, print or collaborate on.

Test, Validate, Publish & Delegate

The graphical policy canvas provides interactive debugging to allow designers to interactive debug their management policies and view results. Draft policies can be saved locally as transportable XML files and shared with others. Once validated, Policies can be uploaded to your Knowledge Vault portal to be published and delegated to others.

Extensive Object Support

Extend the Knowledge Vault platform with custom modules and process leveraging more than 100 Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Office 365 drag-and-drop automation objects. There's an action for every one of your needs, from the simplest one, update users, manage group memberships, to the most complex ones like performing operations between variables, managing multiple users or mailboxes and much more.

Knowledge Vault Automation Designer