Reporting for Dropbox with Knowledge Vault

Dropbox for Business is used by millions of users worldwide to enable enhanced collaboration and flexibility across their organizations. As Dropbox for Business is used to share information inside and outside of the organization, it is critical to have a powerful reporting tool that will equip your administrators, data owners and auditors with precise, granular, comprehensive and actionable data on all aspects of the environment. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Dropbox For Business connector and begin your reporting experience today!

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Knowledge Vault's extensive built-in & custom reporting library includes advanced features including graphical filtering and flexible selection, report favorites, scheduling & distribution, and re-branding options. Users can select from a variety of reports that provide perspectives on current state, historical state, delta analysis and trending across your Dropbox for Business deployment.

Extensive Reporting Library

Knowledge Vault provides a comprehensive and complete Dropbox for Business reporting library with more than 30 different reports in a variety of categories including security, operations, and audit. All reports can be scheduled, exported and branded to suit your specific business processes and demands.

Comprehensive Analytics

Use the graphical analytics interface to interactively examine Dropbox for Business data. Create delta and detailed reports, provide easy-to-read trending reports on users, sharing activity and operations.

Data Owners & Operations

Automatically deliver reports to Share Owners to show who has access to their data and what they are doing with it. Schedule data sharing and security reports and provide data owners the information they need to their desktop and mobile devices. Track detailed sharing and usage by shared folder or by individuals, verify administrator activities, and reduce inappropriate sharing behaviors that put your corporate data at risk.

Dropbox for Business Reporting

Yesterday, Dropbox launched “Dropbox Enterprise” a new tier of business offering that provides the same core security features, admin capabilities, and modern collaboration tools as Dropbox Business with the addition of new deployment tools, advanced controls and services and support designed for large organizations. [...]

We’re excited to announce the public preview of our Dropbox for Business connector. [...]

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