Knowledge Vault provides discovery, auditing, analytics and management and cost-effective solution that enables Microsoft Office 365 application suite.

What is Knowledge Vault?

Knowledge Vault provides discovery, auditing, analytics and management in an advanced and cost-effective solution that enables cloud administrators and IT managers to optimize and secure their Microsoft Office 365 application suite and other popular cloud-based mail and storage systems.

How do I get Started?

Knowledge Vault provides a Free 14-day trial so you can check out all the available features and reports. You will have the option to upgrade to a paid account anytime during the trial period.

How it Works?

1. Sign up for the free 14-day Trial (no credit card required).
2. Configure a data connector for your Microsoft Office 365 environment using the appropriate credentials.
3. Our big-data process and analytics engines will discover, inventory and gather information from your environment.
4. Access your Knowledge Vault Portal to audit, report, manage and optimize your email and file sharing systems.

Do I need to install any Software in my Environment in order to use Knowledge Vault with Microsoft Office 365?

Knowledge Vault does NOT require any software to be installed to report, analyze or manage your Office 365 environment.

Is there a Limit to how many Office 365 Mailboxes Knowledge Vault supports?

As a highly scalable cloud platform, Knowledge Vault expands to support environments from a few hundred mailboxes to those managing hundreds of thousands of mailboxes. Additionally, our powerful data warehouse enables long- term storage and analysis so you can report on Office 365 activities from this morning, last week, last month or even past years.

Microsoft offers native Auditing Capabilities for Office 365, so why should I use Knowledge Vault?

Microsoft Office 365 provides basic audit reports that are good. Reports provide auditing history for about 90days. However, it lacks some advanced capabilities that may be required to support the security and audit programs of many customers. Some of these advanced features of Knowledge Vault include:

  • • A library with over 200 extensive audit reports for Office 365, including extensive summary reports with detailed drilldowns across both user and mailbox actions.
  • • Historical, Trending and External Access reports for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
  • • Fine-grained reporting on specific audit actions within Office 365 such as changes to attributes, security settings and other configurations. Unlike general audit reports, Knowledge Vault’s reporting model maps all attributes and enables fine-grained filtering and targeting to specific changes of interest
  • • Long term storage support, trending and searching that is required for some regulatory mandates. Knowledge Vault’s unique Azure-based cloud storage facility enables long-term storage of information with no need to purge historical information. With Knowledge Vault, your reports are no longer restricted to the last few weeks as the data is purged from the Office 365 system.
  • • Pre-processing of the reports data into a scalable data warehouse, resulting in faster, more responsive reports that scale to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes
  • • Data warehousing enables interactive custom audit reporting
  • • Unique data warehouse enables delta analysis and impact of all audited changes
  • • Support for exporting to various output formats for report consumption
  • • Automated scheduling and delivery of targeted reports to mailbox owners, business managers, administrators, auditors or security teams
  • • Streamlined audit operations with the use of Report Favorites and Shortcuts
  • • Graphical Management Actions to report and ensure appropriate auditing levels are enforced across the environment
  • • Ability to take Actions from within the portal instead of having to execute manual PowerShell commands to correct issues such as enabling auditing for non-owner accessible mailboxes, managing mailbox permissions and more with simple wizards.

Can I customize the Reports with my Corporate Logo and Colors?

Yes. Knowledge Vault Professional edition allows customers and partners to customize the report layout including logos, colors, and font sizes to suite your specific needs.

Can I schedule Reports to run?

Yes. Knowledge Vault Professional provides comprehensive scheduling options. Customers can schedule report generation and automate delivery to ensure the right people get the information that they need, on time.

Can I create custom Reports?

Yes. Knowledge Vault Professional includes interactive reporting and analytics where users can interact with the data to create the specific reports needed to solve specific answers. These custom reports can be saved, exported, and even shared in the Knowledge Vault Community Forums.

How do I log in the Portal?

Knowledge Vault has support for six of the popular identity providers including an option to log in with your email. During your trial period you will log in by entering your email and password in the Email and Password boxes. The email and password would be the one you used during your trial signup or the email address where you got the Knowledge Vault portal invitation from one of your co-workers or IT Admin.

Once you purchase a Knowledge Vault subscription, you can log in via any of the available identity providers including Azure AD.