Auditing for Azure AD with Knowledge Vault

Knowledge Vault enables organizations to embrace cloud services while still retaining control by simplifying auditing process to allow organizations to easily determine who is making what specific changes within their Azure Active Directory infrastructure. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector and begin your auditing experience today!

Automate & Simplify Azure Active Directory Auditing

Knowledge Vault’s powerful auditing capabilities help protect your critical infrastructure investment by automating and simplifying audit reviews and proactive investigation of suspect activities. Knowledge Vault enables fine-grained, easy-to-use, audit reports to highlight who is making what changes that can be run interactively or scheduled for automated delivery.

Comprehensive Audit Library

With the built-in audit reports you can target specific changes to any Azure Active Directory object including users, groups, roles, applications, licenses, subscriptions and more. With the Azure Active Directory audit reports you can monitor and review user and administrator activities user logon, permission changes, group and role changes, logon activities, or even review license usage and changes.

Interactive Who, What, When, Where Searching

Finding the root cause of downtime or compliance violations is not always easy – especially when you need search in multiple logs that only provide partial answers. Knowledge Vault’s interactive “who, what, when, where” wizard can instantly search the entire audit history getting you the answers you need, with the detail you need - in seconds!

Get Informed. Stay Protected.

Stop looking for changes manually and automate auditing across your Azure Active Directory environment. Capture all graphical and Powershell related changes and actions in a single easy to use web based interface. Hold users and administrators accountable as action is centrally tracked.

Azure Active Directory Alerting

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