Manage Azure Active Directory with Knowledge Vault

Managing Azure Active Directory can be challenging and tedious work. Having to use native tools and relying on PowerShell to get the work done can cost you valuable time. Knowledge Vault’s SaaS service provides graphical administration, automation and powerful delegation that you can access from anywhere – even your tablet or mobile device. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector and simplify, automate and delegate your Azure Active Directory administration with ease!

Graphical & Automated

Unlike other solutions Knowledge Vault does not require any Powershell scripting and all administrative activities are audited.

  • • Extensive Automation Library
  • • Graphical filtering and flexible targeting
  • • Full Auditing of all activities

Comprehensive Azure AD Management Actions

Knowledge Vault is a complete platform where all management actions are in one place to reset passwords, change account status, update group memberships, set multi-factor policies and much, much more.

Knowledge Vault Automation Designer

In addition to the built-in management action library, Knowledge Vault offers a graphical drag-and-drop automation designer to enable customers to create their own automation and provisioning policies. The graphical designer provides an interactive canvas where users can select and link automation objects to create, test, publish and delegate management policies.

Management Task Delegation

Easily and actively manage, enforce and automate Microsoft Azure Active Directory management tasks using a graphical action library. Our Delegation Wizard provides the ability to select who can execute which tasks over what objects to streamline operations, tighten security controls, reduce ongoing management complexity and cost, and easily run compliance reports.

Reduce Complexity & Costs

Management action benefits include simplifying time consuming, repetitive processes to improve IT efficiencies and service support. With wizard based management actions you can identify and troubleshoot issues faster, reduce manual errors.

Azure Active Directory Migrations

Stop relying on error prone manual processes and PowerShell that can add risk to your project. Reduce the risks associated with Azure Active Directory migrations and ensure project success by streamlining and automating common administrative tasks to support your migration activities and post migration management processes.

Azure Active Directory Management

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