Reporting for Azure AD with Knowledge Vault

Microsoft Azure Active Directory reporting has never been easier. With deep inspection, efficient collection and optimized long term storage, the Knowledge Vault reporting engine is designed to quickly provide you the answers you need, with the details you need, in the format you need - - fast. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Azure Active Directory connector and begin your reporting experience today!

Extensive Reporting Library

Comprehensive inventory and infrastructure reporting is critical in promoting the health, security and efficiency of your Azure Active directory environment. Experience powerful current and historical Azure Active Directory reporting. Gain visibility and knowledge with over 100+ reports on users, groups, contacts, roles, applications, devices, subscription, usage, licensing and much more!

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Delegate, automate and simplify your reporting needs using our built-in & custom reporting library with advanced features including graphical filtering and flexible selections, report favorites, branding options, scheduling & distribution, historical & current, compliance mappings, best practice guidance, and even trending and delta analysis!

Comprehensive Analytics

Use the graphical analytics interface to interactively examine Azure Active Directory data. Create delta and detailed reports, provide easy-to-read trending reports on users, roles, groups, devices, usage activity and operations.

Reduce the risks of Shadow IT

Discover and examine computers and mobile devices connecting to your Azure Active Directory infrastructure. Quickly find unapproved devices. Highlight devices not being managed by your MDM solution. Identify risks associated with noncompliant or insecure configurations.

Users, Contacts, Role & Groups

Discover and report on all Azure Active Directory objects including Users, Contacts, Roles and Groups. Verify user details. Examine memberships and membership changes that can impact security and/or application access. Target expiring users, unmanaged groups and roles, and more.


Find out what applications are authenticating with Azure Active Directory. Verify authorized applications are properly configured. Examine user subscriptions and application usage. Reduce costs by identifying unused subscriptions.

Azure Active Directory Migrations

Reduce the risks associated with Azure Active Directory migrations and ensure project success by setting and monitoring secured configurations. Ensure appropriate access and audit levels are set prior to and during migration activities. Ensure administrators are using multi-factor authentication. Track and report on user adoption.

Subscriptions and License Reporting

Examine user subscriptions and application usage. Track license adoption over time and reduce costs by identifying unused licenses that can be reallocated.

Business Continuity

Unauthorized and accidental changes to authentication policies, group memberships and other Azure infrastructure changes can have a negative application & service availability. Knowledge Vault can monitor and alert on Azure Active directory changes across objects and activities including security policies, users, groups, memberships, devices, roles, licenses and much more.


Knowledge Vault’s powerful fine grained alerting notifies administrator and security teams about critical Active Directory changes and helps proactively detect unauthorized or malicious modifications. Notify administrators of unapproved devices, inappropriate access, misconfigured security policies, or sensitive changes.

Azure Active Directory Management

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