Auditing for Exchange On-Prem with Knowledge Vault

Gain insight into your entire Microsoft Exchange environment with our integrated, and intuitive design and support your security, compliance and operational needs today. From dashboards to drilldowns Knowledge Vault has reports for everyone across operations, security, audit, and management. Simply sign up, create an account, and deploy lightweight collection agents gain deep visibility into your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure with detailed, hassle free, auditing

Automate Audit Reviews for On Premises Exchange

Audit reviews and proactive investigation of suspect activity is critical to support security, compliance, operations and management goals. These are facilitated with the wide range of fine-grained, easy-to-use, audit reports that can be run interactively or scheduled for automated delivery.

User & Mailbox Auditing

Track and report on user and mailbox activities, monitor non owner access, examine changes in mailbox and user permissions, analyze current & historical permissions and memberships, or even review usage and storage trends. Target specific events for operations teams who may need to keep tabs on quota changes, size restrictions, inactive mailboxes, moved mailboxes or mailbox property changes as needed.

Interactive Who, What, When, Where Searching.

Finding the root cause of downtime or compliance violations is not always easy – especially when you need search in multiple logs that only provide partial answers. Knowledge Vault’s interactive “who, what, when, where” wizard can instantly search the entire audit history getting you the answers you need, with the detail you need - in seconds!

Security & Infrastructure Auditing

Stay informed of any unauthorized user activity, policy changes, or updates made to mailbox permissions with Microsoft Exchange auditing. Use Knowledge Vault's powerful insight to enforce security & compliance policies, ensure the right access and availability to services, and manage your audit & security requirements using compliance & security reports.

Stay Informed. Stay Protected

Stop looking for changes manually and automate auditing across users and privileged administrators. Capture all graphical and Powershell related changes and actions in a single easy to use reporting interface. Monitor user actions to investigate suspicious behavior. Hold users and administrators accountable as every user and administrator action is centrally tracked.

Office 365 Migrations

Perform infrastructure assessment and ongoing auditing of both your on-premises and Office 365 Exchange online environments from a single pane of glass. Track migration activities, automate status reporting, and get notified of inappropriate that could impact your migration project, such as changes to Exchange transport rules.

Microsoft Exchange Auditing

Litigation: The legal definition of Litigation is “An action brought in court to enforce a particular right”. Litigation hold is a feature introduced by Microsoft in Exchange Server 2010. [...]

Custom attributes have been in existence for a very long time. Originally Microsoft designed custom attributes for use in Exchange because customers couldn’t modify the Exchange Directory Store. [...]

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