Reporting for Exchange On-Prem with Knowledge Vault

Our comprehensive audit and reporting library spans detailed mailbox and audit reporting, traffic analysis, storage analysis, message tracking, mobile devices, and security insights to automate compliance, tighten security controls, support Office 365 migration activities, and to simplify the process of managing email usage and optimizing the performance of your Microsoft Exchange environment. Simply sign up, create an account, and deploy lightweight collection agents gain deep visibility into your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure with detailed, hassle free, reporting today!

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Knowledge Vault's extensive built-in & custom reporting library includes advanced features including graphical filtering and flexible selection, report favorites, scheduling & distribution, and re-branding options. Users can select from a variety of reports that provide perspectives on current state, historical state, delta analysis and trending across your Microsoft Exchange deployment.

Extensive Reporting Library

Knowledge Vault provides a comprehensive and complete Exchange reporting library more than 115 different reports on every aspect of the Microsoft Exchange Server environment. Our extensible reporting library has reports for everyone. All executive level & detailed reports can be run interactively or automatically distributed on a scheduled basis. All reports can be re-branded and exported into a variety of formats.

Automate and Reduce Costs

Administrators and delegated staff can generate reports with the click of a button to see data in detailed charts and graphs. The built-in reporting functions enable you to gather and report on a broad range of categories that include users, distribution lists, security groups, mailboxes, auditors, security, mobile, traffic and other infrastructure components.

Security, Audit & Compliance

Protect your Microsoft Exchange investment and easily identify user or administrator activity with unparalleled granularity. Check compliance with organization policies by ensuring the right people have the right access to your data. Respond to audit requests in minutes not days, and confidently manage access & permissions, enforce usage policies and automate forensic activities.

Migration & Control

Ensure project success and use Knowledge Vault to set and monitor secured configurations, and ensure appropriate access and audit levels for your Exchange and Office 365 migrations, and track progress across your "Exchange to Exchange Migrations" and "Exchange to Office 365 Migrations". Track and report on user adoption by organization, department or business unit with ease.

Business Unit & Operations

Getting the appropriate level of information to operations and business managers can be challenging. With Knowledge Vault easily track trends and usage over time, defend Service Level Agreements, boost operational efficiency, reduce repetitive & manual tasks, and automate & delegate with confidence.

Complete Visibility & Control

Unlike other solutions Knowledge Vault does not require any Powershell scripting and all administrative activities are audited.

  • • Extensive Automation Library
  • • Graphical filtering and flexible targeting
  • • Full Auditing of all activities
  • • Task Scheduling & Reporting

Comprehensive Analytics

Use the graphical analytics interface to interactively examine Microsoft Exchange Server and mailbox data. Create delta and detailed reports, provide easy-to-read trending reports on mailboxes, users, infrastructure, mobile devices, traffic and operations. Flexible, user-friendly reporting means everyone can have the right information delivered in the right way.

Create & Share

Create, Save, Export and Share interesting views of your data and your Exchange messaging environment. Saved analytical views can be imported from the Knowledge Vault community forums to provide answers to crucial security, compliance and operational issues.

Index & Search

Searching native exchange user and administrator logs is time consuming and error prone. Knowledge Vault indexes message, administrator and user audit logs across your exchange servers and provides comprehensive interactive search capabilities to perform rapid forensics across your content sharing environment.

Microsoft Exchange Reporting

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