Auditing for Office 365 with Knowledge Vault

Knowledge Vault enables organizations to embrace cloud services while still retaining control by simplifying auditing process to allow organizations to easily determine who is making what specific changes within their Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Office 365 connector and begin your auditing experience today!

Get Informed. Stay Protected.

Stop looking for changes manually and automate auditing across users and privileged administrators. Capture all graphical and Powershell related changes and actions in a single easy to use reporting interface. Monitor user actions to investigate suspicious behavior. Hold users and administrators accountable as every user and administrator action is centrally tracked.

Security & Infrastructure Auditing

Stay informed of any unauthorized user activity, or mailbox logon attempts, or changes made to mailbox permissions with Microsoft Office 365 auditing. Use Knowledge Vault's powerful insight to enforce security & compliance policies, ensure the right access and availability to services, and manage your audit & security requirements using compliance & security reports.

Automate Audit Reviews for Office 365

Audit reviews and proactive investigation of suspect activity is critical to support security, compliance, operations and management goals. These are facilitated with the wide range of fine-grained, easy-to-use, audit reports that can be run interactively or scheduled for automated delivery.

User & Mailbox Audit Reporting

With the built-in audit reports you can target specific changes to mailboxes and mailbox activity. With the Microsoft Office 365 audit reports you can monitor and review user logon patterns, monitor non owner access and activity, examine changes in mailbox and user permissions, analyze current & historical permissions and memberships, or even review license usage and changes.

Microsoft Office 365 Auditing

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