Reporting for Office 365 with Knowledge Vault

Microsoft Office 365 acts as an enabler of the communication for all organizations opting for an enterprise email system and running Microsoft Active Directory technology. It is critical to have an Office 365 reporting tool that will equip an Office 365 Administrator with precise, granular, comprehensive and actionable data on all aspects of the environment. With our zero touch install, there is nothing to deploy. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Office 365 connector and begin your reporting experience today!

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Knowledge Vault's extensive built-in & custom reporting library includes advanced features including graphical filtering and flexible selection, report favorites, scheduling & distribution, and re-branding options. Users can select from a big variety of reports that provide perspectives on current state, historical state, delta analysis and trending across your Microsoft Office 365 deployment.

Extensive Reporting Library

Knowledge Vault provides a comprehensive Office 365 reporting library with more than 215+ different reports on every aspect of the Office 365 environment across Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, and OneDrive for Business. Our reporting library includes reports in many categories including security, operations, audit and management. All reports can be scheduled, exported and branded to suit your specific business demands.

Automate and Reduce Costs

Administrators and delegated staff can generate reports with the click of a button to see data in detailed charts and graphs. The built-in Office 365 reporting functions enable you to gather and report on a broad range of categories including mailbox, groups, distribution lists, migration, license, mobile, charge back, sites, site collections, lists, items, permissions, infrastructure, and much, much more.

Security, Audit & Compliance

With Knowledge Vault you can easily identify user or administrator activity with unparalleled granularity. Simplify and automate audit configuration changes, security changes, tracking logs, and audit logs. Check compliance with organization policies- verify auditing, permissions & configurations, respond to audit requests in minutes not days, confidently manage access & permissions, enforce usage policies, and automate forensic activities, all in one easy to use solution.

Migration & Control

Ensure project success by setting and monitoring secured configurations. Ensure appropriate access and audit levels are set prior to and during migration activities. Track and report on user adoption by organization, department or business unit. Monitor license usage and allocation to optimize associated costs. Even automate business level chargeback reporting with ease.

Business Unit & Operations

Automatically schedule reports and provide business owners the information they need. Track trends and usage over time by organization or business unit, defend service level agreements, boost operational efficiency, reduce repetitive and manual tasks. Automate, delegate, and audit reports and tasks only available today using scripts, infrastructure, and much, much more.

Microsoft Office 365 Reporting

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