Alerting for Office 365 with Knowledge Vault

Thorough and proactive log monitoring is a crucial part of any secure Microsoft Office 365 deployment. Knowledge Vault provides complete visibility into Microsoft Office 365 activities and proactively highlights suspicious and targeted events to ensure that your collaboration and productivity platform is secure, healthy and compliant. Don’t let inappropriate or harmful changes go undetected. Simply sign up, create an account, configure your Microsoft Office 365 connector and get notified when bad things happen!

Alert Template Library

Knowledge Vault provides an extensive library of built-in Alert Templates organized by severity. Users can refine and enable these built-in alerts or create custom alerts. Custom alerts target specific events of interest and direct notifications to individuals and/or teams for investigation.

Flexible Alert Configuration

To activate alerting users simply select the alert criteria, configuration notification and enable the alert. With each built-in or custom alert users can target specific activities made by specific users and determine who should receive notifications in the event that an alert is triggered.

Business Continuity

Unauthorized and accidental changes to SPAM and DLP policies, group memberships and other Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure changes can have a negative application & service availability. Knowledge Vault can monitor and alert on Microsoft Office 365 changes across objects and activities including security policies, users, mailboxes, shared folders, permission, groups, memberships and much more.


Knowledge Vault’s powerful fine grained alerting notifies administrator and security teams about critical Microsoft Office 365 changes and helps proactively detect unauthorized or malicious modifications. Notify administrators of inappropriate mailbox access, misconfigured security policies, or other sensitive changes.

Microsoft Office 365 Alerting

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