CHANNELNOMICS: Compliance, Office 365 needs call for partner assistance

Compliance requirements are sometimes unclear, which provides opportunity for channel partners, especially those working with Microsoft Office 365, experts have told Channelnomics. [...]

HOSTSEARCH: Cloud-based Auditing, Reporting and Management Platform Knowledge Vault Joins the Microsoft Enterprise Partner Cloud Alliance

Cloud-based auditing, reporting and management platform Knowledge Vault has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Partner Cloud Alliance. The company, which has headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, specializes in providing auditing, reporting and analytics solutions for a range of cloud mail and storage options such as Exchange, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, Salesforce, but has a specific focus on Microsoft Office 365. [...]

4SYSOPS: Knowledge Vault – Office 365 Reporting and Auditing

One of the main issues with cloud services is that their backend is invisible. The point of subscribing to a cloud service is that you “don’t need to worry about how it works; just use it.” Businesses that have adopted Office 365 have some options for management & reporting. [...]

CHANNELINSIDER: Knowledge Vault Launches Channel Program

Startup Knowledge Vault delivers a value-added service to channel partners that sell the Microsoft Office 365 application suite. Knowledge Vault, which officially launched its cloud-based auditing, reporting and management platform in December 2014, recently unveiled a channel program. [...]

COMPLIANCE WEEK: Knowledge Vault Unveils Compliance Objectives for Office 365

To help organizations meet their compliance reporting needs, Knowledge Vault, a cloud-based auditing, reporting, and management platform, this week announced the addition of several compliance reporting packs on data access, security modifications, logon behaviors and other activities. [...]

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